WordAgents Unveils New Service Offerings

WordAgents is excited to announce our new service offerings!  We’ve carefully crafted these changes to provide you with an even more comprehensive and personalized content creation experience.  In this blog post, we will dive into the details of the new offerings: WordAgents Essential, WordAgents Elite, and WordAgents Custom. Why Change?  We understand that any change […]

Authority Site Case Study: Editing and Publishing Articles

The editing and publishing process is your last chance to ensure you’re putting out high-value content for your audience. I’ve refined my process over the years across many niche websites. The result is a set of repeatable tasks that will work with just about any piece of writing. If you follow what I do, you […]

Authority Site Case Study: Projecting Revenue, Valuation, and ROI

Motivating yourself to grind through the beginning stages of an authority website is as simple as gaining clarity of what your end game might look like.  If you’re thinking that $1,000 a month in affiliate revenue is small potatoes, I would say you’re not understanding the ROI potential in this industry!  Let’s have a little […]

Authority Site Case Study: Building Content Briefs

Now that we have our topical map sorted, it’s time to get rolling with content production. We need to start publishing content by the end of February 2023 to have any chance of hitting our goals for this case study. The first part of the content production process is to create comprehensive content briefs for […]

Authority Site Case Study: Topical Map and Editorial Calendar Creation

Another Friday, another case study update! This week, we’re digging into topical authority, topical maps, and editorial calendars. We’re finally past the “boring” parts of developing an authority website. We now have hard data to work with as well as dollar signs in our eyes as we anticipate the potential of this niche. Let’s take […]

Authority Site Case Study: Branding and Site Infrastructure

Welcome back to our Authority Site Case Study!  The past week or so has been spent tying off loose ends while we waited for our topical map to be delivered.  Let’s jump right in.  Branding When I started building niche websites over a decade ago, the accepted baseline for branding, design, and UX was low.  […]

Authority Site Case Study: Niche Brainstorming, Analysis, and Selection

Niche selection is one of the single, most important aspects of developing a new authority website. No joke.  Choosing a niche that is too competitive could exhaust your budget before you get any traction. If you go with a niche that has low-paying affiliate offers, or a general lack of monetization opportunities, it’ll be pretty […]

Authority Site Case Study Overview

I’ve got an itch.  It’s been a few years since I launched a new site, and the “builder” in me can’t wait another second to dig into a fresh project.  Starting today, we’re launching a new authority site case study! We’ll be sharing regular updates that include: This is going to be a team effort. […]

How Does a Blog Help SEO Efforts?

The main role of a small business website is to attract more qualified visitors and convert them into paying customers. This is why, as a small business owner who takes digital marketing seriously, you’re always on the lookout for promising strategies that might help your site pull in more organic traffic and generate new leads. […]

Everything You Need To Know To Hire The Perfect Freelance Writer

Despite the unstoppable rise of visual and audio media, the written word still holds a central place in the world of marketing. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience with high-quality article content, convert more leads into customers with persuasive landing page copy, or train your employees with clear and comprehensive coaching material, hiring a […]