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Why pick WordAgents?

Are you struggling to connect with customers? Your products could be unquestionably better than what your competition offers, but if your product descriptions fall flat, you’ll fail to make sales.

We can help! At WordAgents, we have over 10 years of experience creating, refining, and perfecting product descriptions to attract English-speaking customers across North America and beyond.

Our custom, high-quality eCommerce content is keyword-optimized and user-focused – allowing you to boost your visibility in search engines while also engaging customers on a personal level.

We understand how to identify and target your specific English-speaking audience, crafting product messaging that connects emotionally and culturally.

Customers can more easily find your products!

Customers can better understand the value of your products!

Customers are more willing to spend!

Stop losing sales due to suboptimal, non-fluent messaging. Our expert team is ready to transform your product descriptions to boost your sales among a new, large North American audience.

All Writers for quality content

Our writers have at least one year of experience. We also carefully-vet anyone working with us. You’ll always get well-researched content written by natives – that’s fully-optimized for your top keywords, too.

Razor-Sharp Workflows for speedy delivery

We’ve optimized our order processes to make your life easier. All you need to do is submit an order form for your eCommerce content and you’ll receive a first draft within 7 days. No time-wasting or unnecessary back-and-forths.

The Industry Leaders for a scalable solution

With 10+ years under our belt, we’ve grown a team of 500+ writers who can fulfill your content needs rapidly and effectively – no matter how much content you need. We even offer significant discounts of up to 50% for orders of 20,000+ words!

4 steps to conversion-boosting website content

Analyze the market
We dive into your product keywords, analyze what’s currently ranking, and discover which pain points your audience is dealing with.
Write optimized content
We’ll write your eCommerce content. Our writers think outside the box to engage with your specific audience’s unique needs.
Integrate the right keywords
Our expert writers will take your provided keywords and strategically integrate them into your eCommerce content.
Delivered in 7 days
After fact and plagiarism-checking, you’ll receive a first draft within one week. You can request two rounds of edits which will be delivered within 2 days.
plans and pricing

Pay Per Word Per Month

Content is top-notch on every plan. What’s different is how much we tailor it to your unique hustle, process, and target audience.




Target Audience: Ideal for solopreneurs, affiliates, and small e-commerce businesses seeking straightforward content solutions.

AI-generated drafts polished by human editors.

Tailored to simple, SEO-focused briefs, perfect for maintaining online visibility.

Ideal for regular, scalable content updates.

Objective: Provide a cost-effective solution for consistent, scalable content that enhances online visibility with minimal oversight.




Target Audience: Perfect for larger enterprises or agencies needing a range of customized content.

Fully customized content creation integrated with your marketing strategy.

Dedicated success manager for consistent quality and alignment with brand goals.

Covers a wide range of content types, including detailed strategic content and tailored product descriptions.

Objective: Offer a comprehensive content solution that supports broader marketing efforts and drives engagement across all digital platforms.


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Deeply personalized voice & workflow. Rank and build authority with on-brand, niche-targeted content. Great for website portfolios, agencies and enterprises.

Custom on-brand writing

Full strategy integration

Niche-specific writing style

10,000 words / 7 days guarantee

Custom delivery schedule

Dedicated success manager

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