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Improving search rankings can be tough. Your website needs a constant supply of SEO optimized articles to even come close to Google’s front page. But that takes time and writing expertise you might not have.

WordAgents can help. We write SEO optimized blog articles, guest posts, web content, product reviews, link bait, and other types of high quality content to rank for the best keywords, build trust with your audience, and grow your business.

Rank for your best keywords

Increase your organic traffic

Convert your target audience

All Writers create high quality content

Our SEO content writers have at least one year of experience. We also carefully-vet anyone working with us. You’ll always get well-researched content written by natives – that’s fully-optimized for your SEO keywords, too.

Razor-Sharp Workflows for speedy delivery

We’ve optimized our order processes to make your life easier. All you need to do is submit a content brief for your SEO content and you’ll receive a first draft within 7 days. No time-wasting or unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

A Trusted, scalable solution for engaging content

With 10+ years under our belt, we’ve grown a team of 300+ professional writers who can fulfill your SEO writing needs in a timely manner – no matter how much compelling content you need. We even offer significant discounts of up to 50% for orders of 60,000+ words!

4 steps to improved search engine rankings

Review content strategy
We dive into what’s working for your target keywords and analyze what the competition is doing.
Write SEO optimized content
A SEO content writer will draft SEO articles that include optimized target keyword placement, structure, formatting, hyperlinks, and meta descriptions.
Integrate SEO Keywords
Our expert content writers will take your provided secondary keywords and integrate them according to your content marketing strategy.
Delivered in 7 Days
After fact and plagiarism-checking, you’ll receive a first draft within one week. You can request two rounds of edits which will be delivered within 3 days.
plans and pricing

Pay Per Word Per Month

Content is top-notch on every plan. What’s different is how much we tailor it to your unique hustle, process, and target audience.




Target Audience: Ideal for solopreneurs, affiliates, and small e-commerce businesses seeking straightforward content solutions.

AI-generated drafts polished by human editors.

Tailored to simple, SEO-focused briefs, perfect for maintaining online visibility.

Ideal for regular, scalable content updates.

Objective: Provide a cost-effective solution for consistent, scalable content that enhances online visibility with minimal oversight.




Target Audience: Perfect for larger enterprises or agencies needing a range of customized content.

Fully customized content creation integrated with your marketing strategy.

Dedicated success manager for consistent quality and alignment with brand goals.

Covers a wide range of content types, including detailed strategic content and tailored product descriptions.

Objective: Offer a comprehensive content solution that supports broader marketing efforts and drives engagement across all digital platforms.


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Deeply personalized voice & workflow. Rank and build authority with on-brand, niche-targeted content. Great for website portfolios, agencies and enterprises.

Custom on-brand writing

Full strategy integration

Niche-specific writing style

10,000 words / 7 days guarantee

Custom delivery schedule

Dedicated success manager

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How SEO Writing Services Help Your Business

Here are some of the main ways that SEO content writing services can help grow your business:

Improve Your Rankings

The most obvious benefit of investing in SEO content writing is that it considerably improves your ability to rank well on search engine results pages. This, in turn, lets you draw more organic traffic to your site, which means more leads and more customers for you to sell to.

It’s important to realize that although organic search accounts for over half of all website visitors, the top three results in Google receive the most traffic (about 68% of all the click-throughs per search query).

This is why SEO content writing is so crucial. To have any chance at claiming one of the top spots in Google’s results pages, you must commit to creating high-value, search engine-friendly content on a regular basis.

Gain More Brand Awareness

One of the most underrated benefits of search engine optimization is that it places you in front of a vast online audience without costing you a dime in advertising.

As your content increasingly ranks on Google for niche-related terms, more and more search users in your target market will start to recognize your brand. What’s more, the more people notice your name when they search for these terms, the more they’ll come to think of you as an established player in your industry.

Consistently publishing well-optimized, high-quality content doesn’t just increase your organic visibility. It also causes other industry influencers and publishers to take notice and link back to your site whenever it benefits their own audiences.

The result? An ever-widening net of potential customers and brand advocates.

Generate More Leads and Boost Your Conversion Rates

SEO writing is one of the best ways to obtain new leads since it targets people actively seeking information related to your field.

In other words, many of the visitors you receive via organic search are already familiar with your industry or vertical and have a clear sense of the problem they’re trying to solve. This is especially true of visitors who reach your site having searched for a specific, long-tail query.

Unlike cold leads, organic visitors are often further along the buyer’s journey. They are therefore better primed for conversion – whether that means signing up for a newsletter, registering for an upcoming webinar, or downloading a case study.

It comes as no surprise that one study found organic leads converted twice as much as inorganic ones.

Grow Your Customer Base

It’s simple. The more qualified traffic you drive to your site and the more leads you generate, the more opportunities you’ll have to make a sale.

And by creating compelling content that satisfies the search needs of prospects at every stage of the marketing funnel, you’ll end up with a more frictionless path to purchase.

Increase Topical Relevance

Yet another benefit of producing comprehensive content that solves your audience’s problems is that it sets you apart as an authority in your field.

This is great news from a reputational standpoint. The more value people get from your content, the more likely they are to trust you with their hard-earned dollars and the more motivated they’ll be to recommend you to their peers.

SEO content that provides complete and in-depth coverage of a specific topic or issue is also better placed to rank well on Google.

Google’s goal is to surface the most relevant content it can find for any given search query. One of the ways it does this is by assessing the topical relevance of different websites.

The breadth and depth of content found on a website are among the most useful measures of its topic relevance. When a site contains multiple pages of content around a given topic and provides broad and deep coverage of all related sub-topics, Google is more likely to view it as a credible authority on that topic. And all else being equal, this will translate to better rankings.

Address Your Search Intent

Search intent is central to SEO content creation, referring to the goal a search user is trying to achieve when searching a particular query.

A piece of content has a significantly higher chance of ranking well if it genuinely satisfies the intent behind its target keyword.

Accordingly, SEO content writing companies make it a priority to reflect search intent in every content asset they create.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

By enlisting the help of a content marketing agency or article writing service to create your SEO content, you’ll free up time for you and your team to focus on your broader digital marketing strategy and other critical activities that can power your business growth.

FAQs About Our SEO Content Writing Service

Here are some of the most common questions clients ask us about our SEO article writing services:

What Does an SEO Content Writer Do?

Unlike generalist writers – who may offer social media posts, press releases, and whitepapers as part of their copywriting services – SEO content writers specialize exclusively in the creation of content that ranks well on Google.

When creating a piece of SEO-focused content, an SEO writer will strive to produce a post that fully satisfies the search intent behind the target keyword while also exceeding the level of value found in any competitor articles.

An SEO writer will also ensure that all the on-page elements of the post conform to SEO best practices (such as the title tag, header tags, meta description, and image alt text).

Do You Provide Keyword Research?

No. While keyword research is an essential element of any successful SEO strategy, it isn’t one of the SEO services we offer as a content writing agency.

That said, if you’re not sure which keywords to target in your next SEO campaign, we highly recommend you consider using our SEO tool add-on service.

This service means that whenever you work with us, you can make the most of your preferred optimization tools, such as SurferSEO, MarketMuse, Frase, or Clearscope.

Simply provide a link to your tool’s editor when you brief us, and our writers will ensure that each web page is written according to your specific keyword requirements.

Check out our focus keyword guide for more detailed advice on how to conduct keyword research yourself.

What Types of Content Can Be Optimized for Search Engines?

SEO copywriting can be used for a variety of content types.

Put simply, if a piece of content can be crawled and indexed by Google, it’s fair game for optimization!

Here are a few of the most common types of web content that our content writers can optimize for search engines:

Blog Content

A staple content format in most digital marketing strategies, the good old blog post is one of the most versatile ways to cover a topic and convey information in a digestible manner.

How-To Articles

A how-to article contains step-by-step instructions designed to teach readers how to accomplish a specific task or objective.


A listicle is an article structured as a list, consisting of numbered items all relating to a common topic or theme.

Landing Pages

The purpose of a landing page is to convince visitors to convert, whether that means registering for an event, starting a free trial, or buying one of your products.

Accordingly, landing page copy is heavily geared towards persuasion, emphasizing the benefits users will get from taking the desired action.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a sentence or two explaining what a given piece of content is about. They appear in the SERPs as a short summary beneath each search listing and can have a big influence on whether a user decides to click on a given result.

As such, meta descriptions receive a lot of attention in SEO content writing.

Product Descriptions

A product description is a piece of copy explaining the features and benefits of a given product.

A Google-optimized product description will contain any relevant keywords and will directly address the user’s search intent.

Existing Content

SEO content writing doesn’t just apply to the creation of new web pages. It can also be used to retroactively optimize existing content for better search engine performance, whether by making a few adjustments to the piece or rewriting it entirely.

How Does SEO Content Improve Organic Search Traffic?

SEO content drives more organic traffic to your site by improving your rankings in Google’s search results for relevant queries.

Do I Need to Provide a Desired Word Count for Your SEO Article Writing Service?

Yes. In order to effectively manage the workflow of our freelance writers and price our services appropriately, we ask that you provide us with a target word count for each piece of website content you commission.

Do You Provide a Dedicated SEO Content Writer or Dedicated Account Manager?

All our content writers are experienced and take part in our internal training program to ensure consistent quality.

Once you submit your order form for some new SEO content, we immediately send the brief to our next available writer. This speeds up the web content creation process and ensures you receive your first draft within seven days.

As part of our managed content writing service, all our clients have access to our Customer Success Manager for any questions and assistance.

Do You Guarantee Quality Content? 


Writing quality, accuracy, and originality lie at the heart of our SEO blog writing services. We believe that these principles are essential for implementing effective content marketing strategies.

We can guarantee that all articles and blog posts written by our writers contain factually accurate information, are free from spelling and grammatical errors, and don’t contain any plagiarized material.

We also train our writers to avoid black-hat SEO practices such as keyword stuffing