White-Label Reselling With WordAgents

Are you running a freelance business or marketing agency?


Then I have some great news for you! WordAgents is proud to now offer affordable, scalable and hassle-free white-label content writing services. 

Let’s be honest, 2020 was tough. Professionally speaking, it was really tough.

From budget cuts, to hiring freezes, to omnipresent pandemic uncertainty, what most businesses want (and need) in 2021 is a little bit of security. Well, with our white-label content writing services, that’s exactly what you and your customers get – the security of WordAgents’ expertly researched, premium SEO content. 

Whether you are looking to diversify revenue streams, cut down on overhead, or improve brand awareness, WordAgents is ready to help fuel your business growth. 

So… how does it work? 

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  1. Your customer purchases from you one of our word credit packages on either a one-time or monthly basis (i.e., from 1,000 to 20,000 word credits). These packages will be rebranded and repriced as you see fit.
  2. WordAgents charges you a discounted reseller rate for the word credit package your customer has purchased.
  3. Your customer redeems their word credits for content on a per word order basis (i.e., from 250 words to 5,000 words).
  4. WordAgents completes the order and delivers it to your client as we normally would, and boom – happy customer.

As a white-label reseller, you will need a customer account with WordAgents, as well as a “workspace” with Service Provider Pro (i.e., our customer management and billing software).Your Service Provider Pro workspace will connect to your WordAgents customer account on the back-end. 

This will allow you to:

  1. Easily facilitate your customer orders, and
  2. Mark-up our services with ROI in mind

Speaking of mark-ups, keep reading to learn more about our ridiculously low priced white-label reseller pricing.

Reseller Pricing and Package Mark-Ups

When it comes to white-label pricing, our philosophy is simple:

It should be fair, scalable and provide you with the flexibility you need to boost your bottom line.

The backbone of our white-label reseller pricing model is our unique “word credit” approach to content ordering and delivery. With this approach, your customers will purchase redeemable word credits via one of our white-label reseller word credit packages. One credit is equal to one word.

Your customers can choose between making a one-time word credit purchase, or enrolling in a monthly word credit subscription plan. 

Once your customers make a purchase, WordAgents will automatically charge your reseller account. Our reseller pricing is divided between one-time credit packages and monthly subscription plans.

We offer our white-label resellers the ability to purchase from WordAgents the following one-time word credit packages for 5.8 cents per word:

  • $58 for 1,000 word credits 
  • $290 for 5,000 word credits
  • $580 for 10,000 word credits
  • $1,160 for 20,000 word credits

We also offer our white-label resellers the ability to purchase from WordAgents the following monthly subscription word credit packages for 5.6 cents per word:

  • $56 for 1,000 word credits
  • $280 for 5,000 word credits
  • $560 for 10,000 word credits
  • $1,120 for 20,000 word credits

Remember, these prices – far below our standard retail pricing rates – refer to what you will pay WordAgents. If you are interested in selling extra bulk word credit packages (i.e., 200,000 words or more) book a call with us and we can discuss discounting your purchase even further.

When it comes to selling our word credit packages, you are free to rebrand and sell the packages to your customers at whatever price you see fit. 

That’s right, whatever price!

Resellers will always have complete autonomy to mark-up the prices for our white-label content writing services. In this way, our white-label content services will always provide our resellers with HUGE profit opportunities. 

Note that If your customers are interested in using their favorite SEO optimization tool, they do so with our SEO Optimization Tool Add-On

They simply need to provide the link to their tool’s editor when placing an article order, and, for a minimal surcharge (8.7 cents per word for one-time purchases, 8.4 cents per word for subscriptions purchases) our SEO experts will optimize their article according to the suggestions from their preferred SEO optimization tool. 

Credit Redemption

Once your customers are locked and loaded with their word credits, they are free to redeem their word credits and place orders in their customer account for individual pieces of per word content (i.e., blog posts, product descriptions, website content, etc.). These orders will arrive directly to us on the back end, and we will handle all customer communications, from content revisions to delivery.

As a WordAgents white label reseller, your customers can redeem their word credits for the following per word content packages: 

  • Content Writing – 250 Words
  • Content Writing – 500 Words
  • Content Writing – 750 Words
  • Content Writing – 1000 Words
  • Content Writing – 1250 Words
  • Content Writing – 1500 Words
  • Content Writing – 1750 Words
  • Content Writing – 2000 Words
  • Content Writing – 2250 Words
  • Content Writing – 2500 Words
  • Content Writing – 2750 Words
  • Content Writing – 3000 Words
  • Content Writing – 3250 Words
  • Content Writing – 3500 Words
  • Content Writing – 3750 Words
  • Content Writing – 4000 Words
  • Content Writing – 4250 Words
  • Content Writing – 4500 Words
  • Content Writing – 4750 Words
  • Content Writing – 5000 Words

To summarize:

Your customer purchases one of our word credit packages at the mark-up price you set. You purchase that same word credit package from WordAgents at a massive discount. Your customer redeems their word credits for a specific piece of content. We handle all customer communications, including content revisions and delivery, and communications are non-branded (i.e., your customers will never know they are purchasing from WordAgents).

Remember, with great uncertainty comes great opportunity. 

Our goal in these uncertain times is to turn our white-label content writing services into a cash cow for your company. 

If you are a DIY kind of guy/gal, keep reading to learn more about how you can set up your SPP freelance/agency workspace and get started on your journey as a white-label reseller with WordAgents.

Prefer that we handle the heavy lifting?

No problem. 

Book a call with us and we will be glad to lend a hand and walk you through the white-label reseller setup!

Reseller Setup – Service Provider Pro

One of the many benefits of working with Service Provider Pro (also known as “SPP”) is that resellers do not need to build out their own custom ordering system. Rather, they sign up directly with SPP for their own freelance/agency workspace, and connect it to their WordAgents customer account via SPP’s back-end portal.

In other words, to begin participating in our white-label reseller program, you will need to 1) open a WordAgents customer account, and 2) open your own freelance/agency workspace directly through SPP (you can do so for free here). 

Once you have both, you will need to sign in to your WordAgents customer account portal. 

On the left sidebar, click the field titled “Resellers” (1)

Once in the resellers section of your WordAgents customer account portal, enter the URL of your SPP freelance/agency workspace portal under the field titled “Your SPP workspace URL” (2). Click the field titled “Authorize” (3)

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to allow your SPP freelance/agency workspace to place orders with WordAgents on behalf of your customers. Referencing the image below, click the field titled ‘Authorize’ (1).

Once you have authorized your SPP freelance/agency workspace to place orders with WordAgents on behalf of your customers, you’ll be redirected back to the “Module” section of your SPP freelance/agency workspace and asked to select your white-label services provider. 

Select WordAgents as your white-label services provider beneath the field titled “Choose a service provider” (1). Click the field titled “Next” (2).

With WordAgents now selected as your white-label services provider, you must choose the WordAgents service (or services) that you would like to resell to your customers. 

You can do this by checking the box located to the left of each service offering (1). Once you have selected the service (or services) that you would like to offer your customers, click the field titled “Add services”(2)

With WordsAgents’ services now added to your SPP freelance/agency workspace, you can rebrand, markup, build order forms, and begin offering your customers our white-label content writing services.

Remember, whether your clients opt for a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription plan, when they make a word credit purchase, you will see this purchase reflected as a word credit balance in your SPP freelance/agency workspace.

You can always return to the services page by clicking the field titled “Services” on the left sidebar of your SPP freelance/agency workspace. If you would like to learn more about editing and testing your white-label services, please see the following help articles from Service Provide Pro:

If you have any lingering doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Representative if you’re already a WordAgents customer, or email us directly at hello@wordagents.com.

Also, be sure to check out our FAQs below. 

FAQs – White-Label Reselling With WordAgents

What are the benefits of white-label reselling with WordAgents?

White-label reselling with WordAgents provides both freelancers and agencies with a number of benefits. First, white-label reselling presents you with the opportunity to scale your agency or freelance business via a premium SEO content service without actually engaging in any of the work. 

Second, you will not only be receiving our best-in-class, SEO optimized content, but you will be branding it as your own. 

Lastly, rather than create your own marketing add-on tools/services (a process that can take years to strategize, develop and fully implement), white-label reselling with WordAgents gives you everything you need to market and sell your new SEO content services right away.

What’s included in the WordAgents white-label service?

While our white-label services tend to vary from customer-to-customer, typical reseller services include blog posts and articles (i.e., long-form content designed to rank and engage), website copy (i.e., static content engineered to increase traffic) and eCommerce copy (i.e., SEO optimized content designed to capture and convert). If you are interested in learning more about our competitive pricing and white-label packages, send us an email at hello@wordagents.com or book a call with us.

What is your policy on price mark-ups?

Our white-label word credit packages always leave adequate room for our partners to mark-up the packages as they see fit. Mark-ups are unique from reseller to reseller, but the purpose of the program is to help our partners turn a profit on each resale. 

For example, let’s say you have decided to offer your customers a renamed and rebranded one-time word credit package of 1,000 word credits. Let’s imagine that you marked up the price to $120 for 1,000 word credits (i.e., $0.12 per word).

Based on our reseller pricing model, once your customer makes this one-time purchase for 1,000 word credits, your WordAgents reseller customer account would be charged $58 for the 1,000 word credits. This means that you would sell a word credit package at $0.12 per word, but we would charge you $0.058 per word for the same package.

Your profit margin would be $0.062 per word, or $62.00 on the entire resale!

What happens if a customer places an order for a piece of content, but the order does not match up with the exact word count for one of your content offerings?

Recognizing that the content needs of your customers are likely to vary, we agree to cover content orders within plus/minus 10% of your customers per word content request. For example, if one of your customers requests a blog post of 1,100 words, we would have no problem creating this piece for the redemption of 1,000 of word credits.

If, however, your customer were to request a blog post for 1,200 words while redeeming 1,000 word credits, this request would fall outside of the acceptable word credit redemption range for a 1,000 word blog post. We would then require this customer to move to the next level of credit redemption and redeem 1,250 word credits. 

Do my white-label credits ever expire?

No! So long as you are an active WordAgents white-label reseller, your credits will never expire. You have the freedom and flexibility to both accumulate a credit balance and redeem your credits as you see fit.

What additional ROI can I expect as a WordAgents white-label reseller?

SEO optimized content is a time-dependent investment that is unique to each organization and industry vertical. As such, ROI tends to vary from reseller-to-reseller. At a minimum, you can expect to expand the digital marketing offerings of your business, increase revenue from SEO projects via price mark-ups and improve the sales numbers of your other digital services.

Do I have to sign a contract to become a white-label reseller?

No! Not only do you not have to sign a contract, but there are no setup or cancellation fees. The success of our white-label reseller program is rooted in the measurable value that we provide to our customers via our industry-leading SEO content. If at any time you are not satisfied with our services as a WordAgents white-label reseller, you are free to stop selling our content packages without penalty.

How are you priced so low?

WordAgents is driven by a stable of elite, highly-knowledgeable writers. Covering dozens of industry verticals and major market sectors, our writers value consistent work – especially in these trying times. In our quest to provide our writers with the security of a full-time workload, we have done away with the ad-hoc and piecemeal writer compensation packages so prevalent in our industry. 

Our writer compensation framework provides our writers with consistent work for a fair wage, providing them with the peace of mind and job security they deserve while also saving you big on your content overhead. In addition, we have also mastered our internal project management workflows by implementing a robust set of hyper-efficient tools, as well as hiring the right employees to manage those tools. All of these factors come together to allow us to offer our resellers and customers affordable rates.

What are your typical white-label turnaround times?

Our content turnaround times will depend on the word count of each piece of content. We guarantee that orders of up to 10,000 words will be completed within seven business days, with smaller orders typically delivered to customers within 48 hours. Let us know if you need something rushed, and we will try our best to accommodate you if we can.

I need more words. Can I purchase word credits in “extra” bulk?

We do not currently offer our resellers extra bulk word credit packages. However, if you are in need of some truly incredible bulk, reach out to your Customer Success Representative or shoot us an email at hello@wordagents.com and we will work with you to set up your own custom white-lable reseller extra bulk package.

Who are your writers?

WordAgents is driven by a stable of elite, highly-knowledgeable writers and editors. Covering dozens of industry verticals and major market sectors, each of our writers undertakes a rigorous vetting and onboarding process to ensure that they meet the WordAgents standard for content excellence. Once a part of the WordAgents family, most of our writers will stay on for a number of years, working remotely with our project management team while delivering projects in their area of subject matter expertise. 

Will I have the same writer for every piece of white-label content?

While we aim for consistency when assigning white-label customer content orders to our team of elite writers, the reality of workload limitations means we cannot guarantee our white-label customers the same writer for every piece of content. What we do guarantee is that the style, tone and quality of our content will be uniform from writer to writer.

Can I contact your writers directly?

No, you cannot contact our writers directly. Project management and content related communications – from payment inquiries to content revision requests – will be handled by each white-label customer’s dedicated Customer Success Representative (in collaboration with a content editor where appropriate). 

Where can I find the most recent white-label reseller pricing information?

The most up-to-date pricing information will be reflected in your SPP freelance/agency customer account portal under the field titled “Services” (located on the left sidebar). Again, pricing and package offerings are subject to change. If you are interested in learning more about our competitive pricing packages, send us an email at hello@wordagents.com.

Where can I see sample work?

We have a writing sample page that is currently under construction and will soon be finished. In the meantime, reach out to us directly at hello@wordagents.com and we will be glad to provide you with some sample work.

I’m not ready for the reseller program, but  I’m interested in becoming a WordAgents customer. How can I get started?

It’s never been easier to access premium SEO content at scale. From blog posts to website content, ecommerce to affiliates, our team of writers can do it all. If you are interested in learning more about our competitive pricing plans and how WordAgents can help you with all of your content needs, send us an email at hello@wordagents.com.

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